Moving To Australia

February 26, 2010

Day 1. So, we want to be Aussies…

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Well as of Feb 25th 2010,  My wife Carrie  and I decided to uproot our American life and spend the rest of our days somewhere in the Gold Coast.

I created this blog to log our adventures along the way.

Some backstory…

Our daughter Tifanie met a Aussie named Jack, fell in love, and now getting married in 4 months and planning on moving to Australia to start a family within a year. She would only go if her parents went. Well.. It was a no brainer for me. My wife and I are ocean people. Since the economy in California priced us out of the market on one income, we moved to Arizona. Which is a bummer.. I surf and my wife is a beach girl. My work is remote. I am software programmer that works for a company in Virgina. So as long as I have a internet connection. I can work. They have the internet  down under.

So the overall of it all is that we want to get back to the beach and restart our life with very little material crap.

Our target is a year from now. March 2011.

Here we go.

Since I’m not your normal soccer dad.. I’m more like your long haired hippy, rob machado looking, surf, skate, dirt bike riding dad. Cool dad 😀  The first thing on my mind was “how to speak Australian” (like the Fosters beer ads)

I bookmarked a site 

It’s got a ton of slang that I ran across Jack and he said that it was a great list. So, I’m going to start practicing. Also bookmarked some local news sites in Noosa, Tweeds and Brisbain. These are areas we are interested in. (mostly Noosa for me since its surf and shopping (wife). Finally, I have been chatting with our soon to be Aussie family.

Let’s see where this goes.


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